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Apparently I haven't been posting these! Perhaps I've been a bit distracted by current events. Here, have several in a row.

Emotions are meant to move. Giving them more space allows them to flow and change, peak and ebb.
Counter the Feelings Police

New book response at Curious, Healing. Have you read this? Comments welcome!

Presence After Trauma available as ebook!
You can now order Presence After Trauma as an ebook for $7.99 directly from me (epub, Kindle, and pdf), or Amazon (Kindle only) or Apple iBooks (epub only). The ebook includes all the illustrations.

Wellspring of Compassion ebook update
The next task is to update the Wellspring of Compassion ebook with what I learned making the new one. If you already own Wellspring of Compassion as an ebook and you want an updated copy, email me and I'll send you a new one when it's ready. I'll update broken web links and remove repeated images, so it will be a somewhat smaller file.

Curious, Healing is a blog, and you're welcome to comment there or here about the books. The articles don't have a comment section. You're welcome to comment here or send me email with any thoughts.

If you want the monthly newsletter in your inbox, along with news about my practice, you can subscribe here.
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