Apr. 17th, 2017

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Want to find an old LJ friend? Linking DW and LJ identities by [personal profile] nanila. A useful list!

The Corporation Does Not Always Have to Win by Albert Burneko. Re: Dr. Dao being dragged out of his paid seat on a United plane by Chicago police. It is okay for the corporation to lose a small portion of what it has in terrifying overabundance (money, time, efficiency) in order to preserve what a human has that cannot ever be replaced (dignity, humanity, conscience, life).

SuperBabies Don't Cry by Heather Kirn Lanier. Countering the ableist narrative of New Agey positive thinking. Content Notes for quotes of New Agey positive thinking and description of some infant medical procedures.

Losing Friends to Ableism by Erin, aka GeekyGimp.
Losing friends to ableism exposes what people think of you as a human being, and that truth is painful. It’s another scar you get from living as a disabled person in a society that devalues you at every point.

Conscious Consumerism is a Lie: Here's a Better Way to Help Save the World by Alden Wicker. I thought about this one a lot, because I vote with my dollars whenever I can. The message of this post is that switching from one corporate purchase to another is less effective than donating money to organizations fighting for the environment, etc. I still believe that buying from local small businesses directly supports people I want to support, and I will continue that practice.

Sometimes, it actually IS hormones: a story of feminism and medicine by Chance&Lily Spy Cats. "We really need to work on research funding for some of these conditions."

Whites Only: SURJ and the Caucasian Invasion of Racial Justice Spaces by DiDi Delgado. SURJ and other all-white anti-racist groups should be accountable to people of color.
If history has taught me anything, it’s that there’s nothing more disappointing or dangerous than a room full of white people. With that in mind, I’d like you to consider why anyone would expect white-led anti-racism organizations to be any different. [...] Imagine a vast network of men meeting up on weekends to discuss dismantling patriarchy, and every once in awhile they check in with a woman to see if they’re doing it right.

Can you explain why straight passing privilege isn't a thing?
Regardless of your sexual orientation, the vast majority of people are going to assume you’re straight all the time unless you are doing something specifically coded as being romantic or sexual with someone of the same gender (or someone who is assumed to be the same gender) at that exact moment.

NewPortlanders.net highlights immigrant-run businesses in Portland. This StreetRoots article about founder Tim Cowley says, "Cowley’s career has centered mainly on assisting Christian-based nonprofits through digital media." Which definitely gives me pause.

The AP Stylebook’s New Rules On Gender-Neutral Pronouns Are A Small But Positive Step In The Right Direction by Natasha Guzmán. Go forth and use singular "they"!

The Trauma of Facing Deportation by Rachel Aviv. "In Sweden, hundreds of refugee children have fallen unconscious after being informed that their families will be expelled from the country." Faced with inexorable threat to life, our bodies simply shut down.

Seeing My Body With Fresh Eyes by Ashley Ford. Original title was "My Boyfriend Weighs Less than I Do." Content Note for struggling with body hatred.

On Divorce and Ambiguous Loss by Rachel Barenblat.
The relationship through which I once self-defined no longer exists, but it will always have existed, and I will always be shaped by it, even as I work on learning to define myself in other ways.

At UCC Portland I saw an intense exhibit on Cambodian Resiliency. It included some vivid paintings by Vann Nath, one of a handful of survivors of Tuol Sleng Prison during the Khmer Rouge subjugation of Cambodia. He documents what he saw and experienced there. Content Note for depiction of torture and abject misery.

One more: To body positive friends who don’t wear plus sizes by Your Fat Friend via Shakesville.
Do not reject your fat friend’s experiences out of hand because of a lack of context. Instead, find the context. Look harder. Sharpen your vision. Listen closely.

Noted for my future reference:

Wire a privacy communication app. I have been using Signal for secure texting, which doesn't have a dedicated desktop app, so I'm thinking about trying this one when I have a little time to experiment.

ZEMS: The Best Hearing Protectors in the World by Kelly Dillon. Lightweight, inexpensive, effective ear protection. What's not to like? I will likely try these.

Private Internet Access VPN. I appear to have closed the tab where this was recommended. I will probably sign up, since Congress gave ISPs the green light to sell our browsing history.
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I've had a website since 1999. In that time, I've had maybe 10 web hosts, choosing them by internet search and guesswork, or occasionally through someone's recommendation. At first I thought I was just choosing badly. Then I realized that part of my issues with support have come from sexism and disrespect of women. Then I realized, not only do they disrespect women, I know *vastly* more than first level support. Sometimes immediately asking to be transferred to second level support works better.

Most recently, I realized that a previously great web host can go rapidly downhill after being purchased by EIG, as Site5 recently was. I tried moving to HawkHost as recommended in comments to one article, but I'm having too much trouble with mail from their servers being labeled as spam, so I'm back to my Site5 account for now.

This article recommends InMotion hosting. Anyone have experience with them? Or a recommendation for a non-EIG cpanel-enabled web host?


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