Jan. 21st, 2017

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Friday, 20 January 2017 I did five sessions of bodywork for trauma, cleaned the house, and hosted my weekly Balkan dance group. We had a fun time and folks thanked me for providing a distraction. I continue to strongly believe that connection, community, music, dancing, singing are important parts of resistance, surviving, and thriving. We need things that knit us together to counter the forces that strive to divide and destroy us.

Saturday, 21 January 2017 I biked up to Council Crest (one of the highest point in Portland) with a friend, shopped at the big downtown farmers market on the way home, went to a writing workshop I signed up for months ago (The Body & Writing), shopped at the coop on the way home, got a flat tire repaired (SIGH, thank goodness the nearby bike shop was still open because I did not have the energy to wrangle with it myself), and now I'm posting to Dreamwidth.

100,000 people at the Women's March in Portland!

500,000 people at the Women's March in DC! (with some good signs)

Some more good signs, especially this one. Never Again!

Pictures from Women's Marches Around the World including lots of US Cities, Canadian cities, European cities, African cities, South American cities, Bangkok, Antarctica (!) and Tblisi, Georgia. Highly recommend scrolling through these! In snow, rain (hi, Portland), sun, so many people showing up.

I am so encouraged that so many people are marching! And in the name of women! I'm a little sorry not to have been there, but also relieved. I really really don't like to be hemmed in by crowds. On the way back from the bike ride this morning, I heard singing from the rally on the South Park Blocks, then saw a few people walking across the Broadway Bridge with signs, then saw a MAX train packed to the gills headed downtown, then saw a few people walking down 7th Ave near where I live with signs. One with a pink hat.

I'm hoping to acquire me a pink hat. Great sign of solidarity, hope, and again, encouragement. We all need our hearts lifted, supported.

Tomorrow I'm (probably, if I have the energy) going to a Safety Pin training on confronting hate in public spaces. Then in the evening taking my turn running the International folk dancing group down at Reed. I'm kinda peopled out, and at the same time, I want to solidly connect with people resisting.

This training is at a synagogue, and I'm finding it especially helpful to connect with other Jews. As a rabbi said at a meeting I went to last week, we know this. We have lived this for 5,000 years. There's a shared felt recognition of how much this is like the late 1930s and how BAD that is. A grounding, comforting, validating antidote to the ongoing gaslighting out there.
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Preserve, Protect, and Defend by David Remnick, who tells it like it is.
Where is the slightest evidence of this magical transformation? Where are all the sober counsellors, the newfound ethics? Where is the competence, the decency, and the humanity? The reality is that the Donald Trump of birtherism, of Mexican “rapists,” of Muslim registries, of “grab them by the pussy,” of bankruptcies and lawsuits and colossal conflicts of interest—this is the same Donald Trump who, with his hand on Lincoln’s Bible, is taking the oath of office, vowing to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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