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We are entitled to complete autonomy over the insides and surfaces of our bodies.
Healthy Entitlement: Discern Your Domain

New book response at Curious, Healing. Have you read this? Comments welcome!

Wellspring of Compassion ebook update complete
You can now order the updated Wellspring of Compassion ebook, with current weblinks and better formatting, for $4.99 directly from me (epub, Kindle, and pdf), or Amazon (Kindle only) or Apple iBooks (epub only). If you already own the Kindle version, you can update it via the Amazon "Manage Content and Devices" page.

French translation
My article The Betrayal of Not Being Heard has been translated into French by Armelle Pernet for Association Internationale des Victimes de l'Inceste. If you understand French, take a look! Ne pas être entendu, un sentiment de trahison.

Curious, Healing is a blog, and you're welcome to comment there or here about the books. The articles don't have a comment section. You're welcome to comment here or send me email with any thoughts.

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