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Some accomplishments:

  • I sang the middle part of a three-part song, alone on the part, sandwiched between the upper and lower parts, all the way through, mindful of the harmonies. This song, if you're curious: recording of Pennywhistlers singing Sto Mi E Milo
  • I felt an interpersonal strain with someone, figured out what might be hooking me, and successfully defused it.

I have struggled terribly with middle parts, persistently falling out of tune or straying into the familiar high harmony. It has felt out of my control, beyond my understanding, except to keep trying. It feels like an unexpected gift that I managed it. I suspect I will wobble in and out of being able to accomplish it for a while, but that I will eventually be able to depend on a steady skill.

Relating to people feels like a similar impenetrable mystery where I keep trying and keep failing in familiar ways. It's a relief to have something quietly work.

I have zero perspective on how hard these things are for other people. I can't tell if I'm gritting my teeth through disabilities, doing an average amount of work, or surprisingly succeeding. I suppose in the end what matters is that I'm driven to keep practicing.

Date: 2013-12-24 04:12 pm (UTC)
jesse_the_k: Slings & Arrows' Anna offers up "Virtual Timbits" (Anna brings doughnuts)
From: [personal profile] jesse_the_k
Middle parts are SO HARD! And _that_ middle part is particularly hard! because you are singing the middle of chords that are decidedly uncommon in American music.(Ionian mode?)

Defusing interpersonal strain is SO WONDERFUL! I share that concern for "am I doing this right? Should I have found that simple? Why do I have trouble with this?" But I try to remind myself: I do what I can. And in this particular cases you have done something GREAT! No need to stress comparing it to others or some imagined standard: you can ENJOY THE GREAT now.


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